I have over fifteen years of experience facilitating trainings on antisemitism, racial justice, and embodied healing.

As a long time activist, I have written about and facilitated dozens of trainings on racial justice and how to combat antisemitism.

Does your organization need tools for understanding and combating antisemitism?

Combating Antisemitism Trainings

Antisemitism, white nationalism and white supremacy: I will help you identify, understand, and combat antisemitism and the dangerous role it plays in supporting white nationalism.

How to do Palestine solidarity work without being antisemitic: I will help you strengthen your Palestine solidarity work by inoculating it against antisemitism.

After many years of working at the intersection of racial justice and Palestine solidarity work, I became more grounded and powerful as an organizer, activist, and leader through training in somatics. I can introduce body-based methods to deepen your group’s ability to work together, ally with each other, and navigate conflict in a way that is generative.
Do you want to learn practices to help you work together more effectively in your group or organization?
Embodied Healing Trainings

What is Somatics? Introduction to Embodied Leadership: Learn how somatics can help your group become stronger and more coordinated leaders.

Introduction to Somatics and Social Justice: Learn how to strengthen your social justice work through body-based practices.

I am excited to talk with you more about the needs of your organization.

Contact me for more information and rates. I can customize in person training and webinars based on your specific needs.