Individual clients

“Wendy helped me stay present. In the past, I would have frozen or had to retreat from being so overwhelmed. I’ve been able to stay with difficult conversations with my partner–something I set as a goal over a year ago as a way to tell that I had made progress in my therapy.”Filmmaker
“Wendy always met me where I was at, and also pushed me to think bigger, including defining a new and more powerful commitment for myself. Wendy helped me connect with my own source of power.” activist

Healing Groups

“Throughout my life I have often felt isolated in my healing work. This can feed into my shame of “having” to do healing work because something is “wrong” with me. Participating in this group in vulnerable and authentic ways has helped me heal some of that shame.” activist
“This group and the tools I have gained from it have been life changing! I have this awareness that I have a body, that I am in it, and that I am okay. Since starting this group, I have become more calm, confident, and unapologetic about my boundaries and needs –not in a “fuck you” kind of way, but in a chill and centered way.”writer

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