Somatic Session Details:

  • Sessions take place at my space in the Central District of Seattle.
  • Sessions can take place from anywhere via secure videoconferencing.
  •  I typically see clients weekly. Weekly sessions allow us to work towards meaningful, sustainable change.
  • My rate is $140/hour with a few spots reserved for sliding scale. Please contact me regarding availability of these spots.
  • I do not accept insurance because I want you to get the best, most confidential care possible.

Somatic sessions offer some combination of body awareness, interactive practices, and bodywork.

Three essential aspects to our work:

  1. Body awareness: Leaving our bodies through dissociation and numbing is a normal response to trauma, oppression, and difficult life experiences. You can come back to your body by connecting to your sensations. We will build a language around your physical sensations and emotions and increase your capacity to be with difficult or uncomfortable feelings to bring more agency and choice into your life.
  2. Interactive practices: You will practice embodied boundary setting, making requests, and building trust and intimacy. We will build these life skills that you never learned in your family or from mainstream culture. You will increase your capacity to connect with yourself and others and take life-affirming actions to move toward what you care about.
  3. Bodywork: Somatic bodywork is done fully clothed, lying on a massage table with your eyes open or closed. It’s participatory, which means that we will both bring our attention to sensations in your body and make meaning from those sensations. I will invite you into breath patterns that will help you access aliveness in your body, and I will make contact with you through touch. We will work together with compassion and curiosity to hear the stories your body wants to tell and transform.
Politicized Healing

As an activist and healer, I deeply believe in the interdependence of individual and collective transformation.  We will address the impact of social conditions in our work together because working with our embodiment of oppression and privilege is integral to healing.

Contact me to find out more or to book your free 20 minute initial consultation. You can also e-mail me at wendy(at)