Healing Groups

Weekly Virtual Healing Space

Offered by the Seattle Somatic Healers Network

In response to the intense pressure that our global community is facing during the Covid-19 pandemic, a small group of us--Seattle politicized healers, somatic practitioners and community facilitators--are offering an online healing practice space to our community.

As we head into more physical isolation, we are being asked to adapt and transform to new realities every day. We believe that somatic practices and community can help us feel more connected, resourced, and grounded in this time.

We are launching weekly virtual sessions for anyone to login and get centered, process through anxiety and fear, connect with other humans and strengthen our resilience and interdependence in this unprecedented time.  Come join us!

Healing Space Schedule
  • Sunday March 22nd I 2-4 PM PST
  • Saturday March 28th I 12-2 PM PST
  • Sunday April 5th I 2-4 PM PST
  • Sat April 11th I 12-2 PM PST
  • More dates TBA


What is somatic healing?

Somatics is body-based healing practice and an intentional change process through which we can embody transformation, individually and collectively. Embodied transformation means that we behave and act in alignment with our values, even under intense pressure, like the pressure we’re under right now. We leave our bodies through dissociation and numbing as a normal response to trauma, oppression, and difficult life experiences. We want to come back to the sensations in our bodies because they offer us a way to feel ourselves more deeply, connect with what we care about, and bring more agency and choice to our lives.

Who is invited to the group?

These sessions are welcome to anyone. We center and honor the experiences and voices of BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and movement organizers.  You do not have to have previous somatic experience to participate.

What will the group be like?

Because this is a virtual setting, we will be leading you through guided centering practices and some pairing and small group breakouts via Zoom.  We will teach you to start feeling more and centering in the midst of uncertainty. Our goal is to connect and collectively regenerate a sense of safety in our bodies so that we can feel more agency, purpose and interdependence throughout this crisis. Because we are doing body based practices, we will be guiding you to feel more, and there will be limited talking and group discussion.

Do I have to attend all of the sessions?

No, the sessions are meant to be independent from each other, but we hope you join us for as many as you can.

How much does it cost?

There is a suggested donation of $10-$20. But if you don’t have it, please come anyway - our belief is that healing should be accessible to everyone, especially now.  Contributions will support the time and energy of the facilitators. You can make donations via venmo @devon-del and the funds will be distributed to the team.

Accessibility Info:

We will provide closed captioning on the calls and a link to the recording after completion. The practices may involve some movement, and we will offer multiple ways of doing each practice.  Please note in the RSVP form if you have any specific accessibility needs.

I’ve never used Zoom before, how does it work?

Once you RSVP you will receive a link to either join the call via your computer and camera or a call-in number for phones.  At the assigned time, you will click the link and join the virtual ‘classroom’. There will be a chat forum where you can ask questions during the call, and you will have buttons to control your own camera and audio.  For most of the call, we will have all participants on mute and can control this from our side. We know many folks are new to zoom and can explain this on the beginning of the calls.

If you have any questions please email us at seattlesomaticshealersnetwork@gmail.com

Meet the Healers

Becca Meredith (she/her) I becca.somatics@gmail.com

I am a somatics practitioner, organizer, and fundraising consultant. From 2010 - 2020 I organized with white, anti-racist collectives and worked at environmental and food justice non-profits in the Seattle area. As a white, queer, femme I work to dismantle systems of oppression and strive to bring my bountiful, wholeness to the process of creating the world we desperately need. I trained as a somatics practitioner with generative somatics and bring a politicized framework to my sessions. I am committed to offering grounded healing spaces that support increased access to interdependence, dignity, and agency.

Brooke Stepp (They/Them/Theirs) I Brooke’s website

With a fierce heart for collective liberation, Brooke’s work is guided by a profound commitment to wholeness, justice, and dignity for all life. Deeply believing in the power of healing, Brooke accompanies those they work with on the path to restoring agency, choice, and connection. Through body-based, somatic work, they support clients in identifying what truly matters to them, gaining practicable skills to help align actions with values on both an individual and collective level.

Inside of the large umbrella of politicized healing that serves movement, Brooke is most excited about working at the intersections of gender, and body image/dysphoria. They 100% believe that disordered eating is a social justice issue. They understand how our relationships with our bodies are shaped by racialized capitalism and our orientation to food and our body can be some of the smartest ways we know how to survive inside of our experiences of trauma and oppression. Brooke acknowledges the deep toll this can take on our abilities to unite our actions with our values. Working from a Health at Every Size perspective, Brooke guides those they work with to transform their body story towards more aliveness and more choice. 

Brooke is mixed race with black and white ancestry. They identify as queer, femme, and nonbinary. They understand the complexities of identity and both the resilience and belonging that can be accessed through the affirmation of who we are, and the limitations that identity places on all that's possible for our collective liberation. Brooke works to embody an abolitionist politic and practice in regards to race and gender, acknowledging that the fixed identities that order our lives will only be undone when capitalism no longer exists.

devon de Leña (she/her) I devondelena@gmail.com

devon has worked with over 20+ organizations in the PNW providing facilitation, team building and organizational coaching since 2010. She found her home in youth-development, activism and organizing among the vibrant social justice community in Seattle working at organizations like Powerful Voices and Youth Speaks Seattle. With lifelong roots in the Pacific Northwest, devon is committed to fierce organizations fighting for racial, gender and youth justice. As a mixed-raced woman of color, devon values the importance of intersectionality and honoring complexity within our stories and movements. She believes in building power through healing, creativity and cultural work.  devon's facilitation highly interactive and inclusive of various learning styles. Her commitment is to have participants feel engaged, creative and leave with tangible skills.

Piya Banerjee (she/her) I Piya’s website

I hope to build healing relationships with people who would like to build more connection, ease and freedom into their lives. I work relationally and through the body by building self awareness, doing standing and seated practices, and if appropriate, using supportive touch and bodywork.

I have received a Masters in Somatic Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and have been training in various somatic methodologies primarily with generative somatics and the Strozzi Institute since 2012. I employ a systems-oriented, relational, and trauma-informed approach to my work and enjoy working with folks (especially Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People Of Color) looking to heal and thrive in the face of trauma and oppression.

Katelyn Song (she/her) I Katelyn’s website

I work with people of all identities to re-embody and reclaim what was once inherently known before the impact of trauma and oppression: safety, dignity, mutual connection and agency. Through a relational approach and body-based, Somatic Therapy I partner with clients to identify what deeply matters to them and cultivate more aliveness and new skills to align their actions and values. I have a deep commitment to making my practice accessible to people of color, young folks, queer-identified folks and people working in social and environmental movement work. At this time I work with folks ages 16+.

My approach to healing work is informed by my training with generative somatics trauma theory, body work and politicized healing. I have been working in the Seattle area as a youth worker for more than a decade and received my Masters in Social Work from the University of Washington School of Social Work. I identify as a woman of color, Korean transnational adoptee, mother and someone who is committed to my own path of healing and transformation.

Stacy Torres (she/her) I Stacy’s website

Stacy Torres is a politicized healer, cultural strategist, consultant, and a somatic practitioner. As a cis-queer femme Xican@ with a physical disability she has spent over two decades living, loving, and growing in her service and commitment to the liberation of all she touches. Her individual healing work integrates systems change theory, somatic bodywork, neuropsychology, coaching, curanderismo (Meso-American folk tradition), relevant ceremony and ritual. Providing a framework of how trauma and oppression impact us as individuals and communities she facilitates a body based transformative process that develops the connective tissue between your values, vision and actions. Her approach is holistic and focused on facilitating a self determined healing process that reconnects you to your body, your power, and your aliveness so that you may live your most potent and purposeful life.

Wendy Elisheva Somerson (they/them) I Wendy’s website

Wendy has led over 50 trainings in the last fifteen years on embodied healing, racial justice, and personal and collective transformation. A founder of the Seattle chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace, they have written, published and organized around combating antisemitism and white nationalism, as well as forwarding the movement for justice in Palestine. They are a queer disabled Jewish somatic healer who has been supporting individual and group healing from trauma and oppression in their practice since 2014. They feel passionate about empowering leaders to become more inspiring, authentic, and accountable by strengthening their presence, capacity, and ability to guide others toward a collective vision.

Fall 2019: Self, Spirit, Community: A Body Based Healing Group

Healing group ad

This fall we will offer a body based healing group for social justice community.

We will learn practices to heal from the impacts of trauma and oppression in a multiracial space that centers QTDBIPoC folks. Our focus will be on building the necessary skills to reconnect with ourselves, our spiritual practices, and each other.

Self: We will start by deepening our ability to feel, including our bodily sensations and emotions, and we will learn how to set boundaries and strengthen the connective tissue between our values and our actions.

: We will strengthen our relationships with our ancestors and the land through ritual and practice.

Community: We will increase our ability to show up with accountability inside of conflict and in solidarity with one another.

Logistics: We will meet every Tuesday night for eleven weeks from 6:30-8:30pm (with one Monday night session) in an accessible location in Seattle from October 1st through December 10th.

October 7th will be the only Monday night session in the series. We will meet on: October 1st, October 7th, October 15th, October 22nd, October 29th, November 5th, November 12th, November 19th, November 26th, December 3rd, and December 10th.

All participants are committing to attending all sessions. The cost is $900. Payment plans and three scholarship spots are available. Please indicate in your application if you are applying for a scholarship spot. Participation is limited and application is required for this group.

Please email us if you have questions: Wendy (wsomerson(at)gmail.com) and Stacy (awake.alive.aligned(at)gmail.com)

About the facilitators:

Stacy Torres is a queer Xican@ femme who is a founding member of The Well on Beacon. Her practice Everyday Medicine has been offering relevant community care since 2014.

Wendy Elisheva Somerson is a queer Jewish somatic healer who beliveves that art, activism, and ritual can help us envistion and create the world to come. They have had a social justice healing practice since 2014.